How To Create Attraction – Being The Alpha Male

When you would ask me how to create attraction, I’d tell you to start being the alpha male. But how does that relate to creating attraction? Find out today!

Back when I started meeting and dating women I used to ask myself: “What makes someone alpha? And how to create attraction by being alpha? How man? How!?”

Well, the best relationship experts in the world are quick to tell us how to create attraction and what characteristics alpha males have. But here’s the thing: they don’t go too deep into it or explain the underlying reasons why or how to display these qualities of the so called “alpha male”, the leader of the pack, the most dominant male, or whatever you’d like to call it.

And that’s why I decided to take the time to write down some of my own insights. I’ve broken down what makes someone an alpha male into 5 things. I’m going to go through each one of them in more detail so you’ll know how to get with a girl by being an alpha male afterwards.

So heeeeere we go:

How To Create Attraction With A Silly Thing Called “Abundance”

Alpha males are not desperate. Alpha males are not needy. Alpha males are not insecure. They do not get flustered or feel down when getting rejected or blown out by a girl.

An alpha male has abundance, because he has many others to approach or talk to because he already knows them. He’s not desperate… and this is where knowing how to create attraction starts my friend.

And when HE gets rejected he thinks to himself: “oh well, have a nice day because there are more of where YOU are coming from!” and then he moves on to the next one. Having this mindstate of abundance keeps you calm, confident, and social.

Now compare THAT to the behavior of a typical guy that doesn’t know how to create attraction: nervous, pretty quiet and uncomfortable around women. Guess who of the two is more attractive to women?

The alpha male!

How To Create Attraction With Pre-Selection And Body Language

Pre selection is as simple as pie. Being with women makes you sexy. If a woman sees you having a good time with another woman and she’s having a good time too? Your stock price rises if you know what I mean, because if you’re able to be with women then they’ll see you as a guy who is liked by women.

Mix that with the jealousy plotline of being unavailable and what do you get? A powerful seduction formula. Now THAT is how to create attraction dude: make women see you with other women.

On Body Language And How To Create Attraction With It
This is more crucial than you might think, especially in a club venue, where it’s hard to have long in-depth conversations and body language takes more of a stage. To project slow movements and gestures shows you’re composed and calm: it shows that you’re in control of the situation.

So, start using body language to create attraction dude.

Learn more about how to create attraction with your body below!

Leaning back has NON neediness and confidence written all over written. Having your arms open instead of folded shows you’re open and friendly. Where your eyes are roaming is equally as important though: if your scanning the club watching everyone else having a good time, you’ve lost already dude. You must BE the party and the good time!

If you’re looking around you’re looking for value, but if you’re having a blast, partying and enjoying yourself, people will come to you for value. That’s the most commen mistake men make in their own minds: thinking you need to HAVE value (have a car, money, power, looks, etc.) to create attraction, but attraction it’s all about CREATING it.

Final Thoughts On How To Create Attraction

In tribes, in government, in sports teams, the chief, the leader, the captain is the one with the highest profile. He is a leader of men and not because he tells people what to do, but because he does what he wants. He has his own ideals and ways, he will captivate people, and he’s a risk taker as well.

When a girl sees a leader she knows he will allow a girl as a guest in his world, not be one in hers. It’s his way or the highway, and thus he will not easily conform to someone and obey what’s “socially accepted”, because he only obeys what is acceptable to HIM.

Re-read that last sentence. Want to know how to create attraction? Then you’d better remember it!

Don’t Forget A Sense Of Humor Neither When Thinking Of How To Create Attraction
Make no mistake about having a sense of humor: it’s not being able to tell jokes, or having wise cracks. It’s being able to laugh at serious things and make light of a heavy situation. Being able to see the funny side of things and even about yourself, it’s not taking yourself that serious.


Because whomever can laugh at themselves and not take offense to what’s being said is REALLY confident. We all act tough and filled with confidence and we all try to act like the “alpha male”, the top dog. We joke with everyone, but as soon as someone jokes about us? What do most men do… they get all defensive!

Why? Because it’s not cool to be made a fool of and blabla, nonsense! An alpha male has the savvy to laugh at himself and not take anything serious, because he has abundance.

It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s funny that if you want to know how to create attraction, it’s easy to forget such basic concepts as “just having fun” and “not looking for someone makes the women come to you”.

If you can get these aspects right, and at times actively trigger alpha males traits, at first it can be hard, but they will eventually become like second nature. It will go along way to helping you create attraction and ultimately will give you dates…

Hope you liked my tips for how to create attraction man. I’m out!


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