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Female Body Language: How To Know When They’re Interested

Most men have no clue of what female body language means. They really DON’T know when a woman’s interested in them. Let’s just face it:

The vast majority of men are unfortunately BLIND for all the opportunities presenting themselves all around them when we’re talking about female body language. They probably think body language works just like the image below:

Male and female body language at the beach

But female body language doesn’t work like that, which is why we as men are so bad at recognizing signs of interest. We think A, while it actually means B.

I already talked about this in my other blog post about the signs a woman is interested in you, but…

But it never hurts to see some more examples of how we miss out on important female body language signals, right? Here we go:

– We think she was just looking because she had to mind her step
– We think that she moves around while sitting over there because she’s an active, spontaneous kinda girl
– We think that she’s just doing her hair or playing with her hair because she wants to make sure it looks pretty…

But these are all signs she likes you! Hell, if

Facial Expressions: What Are Facial Expressions For? (Body Language Examples)

I’m disappointed when it comes to facial expressions. Why? Because courses for guys about body language DON’T cover facial expressions! It’s time to change that.

How many of you have seen all these Body Language programs by various dating gurus and Pick Up Artists?

Did you notice that they MOSTLY go into the basics of facial expressions, the stuff you can figure out for yourself using pure logic? Did you see how they talk about voice tone, posture and eye contact being important? But there’s SO much more beyond that my dear readers, WAY more!

So, today…we’re going to investigate FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

Here are some examples of facial expressions. As you can see: you can use facial expressions for a lot of things, but today I'll be talking about how to use them for meeting women!

When you say something, not only do your words matter, but also it’s about how you use your voice. Next to that, your body posture further empowers what you’re saying (although most men don’t have a CLUE, lol!)…but your facial expressions do even more!

Think about the difference being the same as dropping one bomb, or one CLUSTER bomb. So where can one practice all of these? First of all, you can always practice in front of the mirror…but if that makes you feel like a total ass, than why not engage in conversations with another state of …

How To Use Voice Tone For Creating Attraction (Body Language Examples)

Yes, using your voice tone to create attraction is possible. It’s real, and it’s here! But before I tell you how to use your voice tone to attract women?

Please answer this question about voice tone for me:

Were you ever in a situation where you saw an amazingly beautiful woman, but then DIDN’T approach her because you didn’t know something witty to say, regardless of your voice tone?

Have you ever had those awkward silences where you just couldn’t think of what to say next, then the conversation bled to death… and you ended up beating yourself in the head for hours because you felt so STUPID? Ever had MORE trouble approaching other women afterwards because this fed your insecurities?

I had those painful moments too, until I got to the next level of game because I realized that it’s not WHAT we say that matters…but HOW we say it: how we make the words come to life. Time for voice tone baby!

What’s our tool for making the ‘magic happen’? Our BODIES! And frankly, I felt the need to address Body Language on the blog, because most guys don’t even realize how much mistakes they make in this …