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The 23 Best Places To Meet Women Without Much Effort

There are plenty blog posts on the best places to meet women, but none that give you 23 places AND tell you what to do there to get dates, until now!

Because knowing the best places to meet women is one thing, another is knowing all the good places to pick up women AND how to “get the girl” there. But you know what?

I won’t stop there, because don’t you just HATE it when you’re looking for the best places to meet women and everyone’s telling you to go there and there… and then you actually go there and leave the place freaking empty handed? With ZERO phone numbers OR dates?

If you hate that, then you’re in luck my friend… because today I’ll show you both the best places to meet women and how to get what you came for in them… AND…

The worst places to pick up women plus the reasons why they suck, so you can avoid them and let the single douchebags who think they know better but can’t get a date worry about it on their own.

Now let’s check out the best places to meet women already, shall we? For your convenience, …

9 Tips On Romance To Get Her With Without Being A Wussy

Most tips on romance tell you to be a big wussy to get women, but YOU don’t have to be. Find out now how to use romance without being a wuss!

But before I give you some tips on romance that are 100% wussy free, I have to point out here that most romance tips make things even worse than “just” turning you into a wussbag.

That’s because most tips on romance don’t even work during ALL stages of dating a woman: the first time you meet her, the first call, the first date, and so on. Those other romance tips suck because they only talk about what to do on a date…

But if you want to “get the girl,” then you have to start bringing the romance wayyy earlier than the first date. If you don’t, she might think you’re just not that interested, that you’re a player…

Or worse…

That you’re trying to impress her with romantic gestures to make up for something. That you don’t think you’re good enough by being yourself so you’re trying to buy her approval, which is a HUGE sign of insecurity that will scare most women away.

Most tips on romance actually scare women away, let's do something about it!

Do you see now

Improve Your Success With Women Today By Doing These 2 Things

This guest blog post was written by Nick Savoy, the dating guru behind Love Systems.

Whenever I’m meeting people, guys invariably ask me for the “secret” of dating beautiful women. I hate this — because what they want doesn’t exist. They want a magic bullet: the ‘secret’ to attracting any woman, any time.

It sounds silly when phrased like that, but if you look online for dating advice for men, the search for the “quick fix” is everywhere. Before Love Systems came along the quick-fix was the consensus – see, for example, the book The Mystery Method on how to get beautiful women into bed.

That’s how Magic Bullets Handbook – the standard “bible” of dating and seduction for men – got its title. It’s an ironic title, since there is no such ‘Magic Bullet’. There are thousands of things you can do to improve your success with women. You don’t even have to get them all right, or even most. Which things are important depends a lot on the individual woman.

Still, Love Systems instructors and clients have, combined, approached over 100,000 women around the world over the last 7 years. That is a LOT of data and you …