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To many men the secret of attracting women never reveals itself. They can’t attract women and die desperate or settling for less. Don’t let it be you!

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They cover topics ranging from why women fall in love with bad boys, do women like rich guys and if not then what do they like, how you can attract women without pretending you’re someone or something you’re not and much, much more.

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#1 Question You Should Never Have to Ask On a Date

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women | Posted on 14-04-2014


When you’re on a date with a woman you put so much effort into asking her out, getting her on the date – it’s important that your objective is not “lost in translation.”

I was researching things on the ‘net this morning (and trying to avoid articles on Heartbleed – LOL) I found this article that sheds some light on what I mean – that ONE question you should NEVER while on a date.

It also tells you the eight simple and powerful words you can ask her….


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- Carlos Xuma

Title: The One Question You Should Never Have to Ask While on a Date

- by Jeffrey Platts
… I’ve been on dates (and non-dates) where that was the question one (or both of) us was asking ourselves. And if that is happening, then it’s time to shift our strategy.

A long while back, I rebelled against dates. I resisted the idea of blowing $100 on someone I barely knew. Then I resisted my pattern of getting too physical, too quickly. We’d both be stuck in the dopamine and oxytocin roller coaster and we’d have no idea whether we actually liked or loved each other. … » Attract women

How do guys really feel about the depiction of women?

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women | Posted on 11-04-2014


Billboards, magazines and ads all portray an increasingly, unrealistic standards of what a “perfect” woman should be.

Men are now beginning to objectify women a certain way that alters what he perceives an ideal woman that he should be with for the rest of his life.

That adds a HUGE strain in the “connecting” process as men find themselves identifying what they see on ads with the actual woman that they see in reality.


What they don’t see on actuality becomes imperfections and that makes them stay away from what could possibly be a great chance in romance.

A recent study by University at Buffalo sociologists has found that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified”.

These findings may be cause for concern, the researchers say, because previous research has found sexualized images of women to have far-reaching negative consequences for both men and women.

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a room full of women… you scan the room, and what’s beautiful in your eyes OR what’s sexually attractive to you are more or less similar to a woman you see in media?


A new study … » Attract womentitle_li=How to create attraction

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women, How to create attraction | Posted on 24-03-2014


It’s tough to approach women. But when you do, you feel really good – like you just won the lottery!

Now, that’s you’re “closer” to her…what’s next? How do you keep the momentum going? Keep her interested in you?

Take a look at the article below. It has some really good stuff that will expand your awareness of “qualification” and pursuit in dating. This is stuff that is usually overlooked in the mainstream “feminized” media, so read it before some crazy special interest group gets it removed or something. :)

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- Carlos Xuma

Title: Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You
- by Peter White

Let’s take two guys and one woman. And no I’m not talking about a threesome. The first guy is nice, accommodating, and generally lacks any real potential girlfriends in his life.  The second guy is also nice, but very busy, and has many potential girlfriends in his life.


Who’s more of a challenge?

Obviously the second guy is more of a challenge. But…

  • How can you be that challenge when you don’t have a black book filled of girlfriends to compete over you?
  • How can you be a

Is Learning How To Attract Women Ethical?

If you’re wondering whether learning how to attract women is manipulating them or not, then keep reading…

Frankly, in my opinion? Learning how to attract women is not manipulating them. NOT learning is!

Because would you give your best friend flowers, take him out to dinner, give him cholocate, give him compliments for the way he looks all the time, and the whole nine yards? Hell no.

So, what are you doing if you do this for women? You’re acting in a completely different way than the way you normally act around your male friends. THAT’S manipulation.

Learning how to attract women by using the character traits you already have isn’t manipulation however, because it’s simply trying to achieve your full potential. What’s wrong with that? It’s being yourself for crying out loud!

And now we got that out of the way, let’s look at some of the common mistakes men make when they want to attract women…

Common Mistakes That Don’t Attract Women

Let’s check out some obvious and not so obvious mistakes you’re guaranteed to make when trying to learn how you can attract women:

1) One of the biggest secrets of attracting women most men will never know is that because you think getting a woman is hard, you try HARDER when her interest in you seems to be lower than before. It’s the logical thing to do, but attraction is based on nothing logical. It’s based on emotions, so when you do your best and a woman puts you to the test? Do less! Being harder to get than everyone else gets you the girl.

2) There are a 1000-and-1 ways to attract women, but there’s no need to learn them all. The less experience you have with women and the more you learn… the more you’ll be confused and the less you’ll do! So, find one thing that works and keep doing what works ad infinitum (until you drop dead to the ground).

3) Although there are things (character traits) that attract women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races? No woman is the same as the one before her. That means that while they all respond to playful teasing, an attractive character trait, some women respond very well to it and others only barely because of their experiences in life. So know that if you want to attract women, better said ANY women, you have to adapt to who she is to do it…

And if you want to know more about getting women beyond attracting women, like how to ask them out for a first date, what to do on a date, and more? Then I highly recommend you check out our page with a list of all the best tips on how to get with a girl.

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