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To many men the secret of attracting women never reveals itself. They can’t attract women and die desperate or settling for less. Don’t let it be you!

How? By reading the many, oh so many blog posts about how to attract women I’ve written over the years. They’ll show you the when, why, how, where, and more of attracting women.

They cover topics ranging from why women fall in love with bad boys, do women like rich guys and if not then what do they like, how you can attract women without pretending you’re someone or something you’re not and much, much more.

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How To Attract Women – First Date Ideas That Rock

Going on a date might seem like the scariest part of the seduction game, but in reality it’s the opposite – provided you know what to do.

I’m going to cover the essential points of the date, and give you dozens of dating advice tips and strategies you can use. Once you have a solid game in place, your dates will practically run on auto-pilot.


Keep in mind that dating and attracting a woman is easy when you have a plan to follow, and these strategies can form the framework of your success.


Don’t set up a date around lunch hours as much as possible. In fact, first dates should be AFTER 6-7 PM – anything earlier than that could land you in the Friend Zone.

It simply takes more work to create a romantic atmosphere before sundown. Plus, night dates create a better opportunity for her to crash at your place (and all that implies).

The women you’re after (i.e. high value ladies) probably have a full schedule towards the end of the week. Since most of us hate Mondays and the back-to-the-grind stress that it creates, avoid this day as well.

how to prepare for a date

That said, …

how to text a girl

3 Tips for Texting

What to text a girlIn this age of texting and sexting, one skill you need to have is knowing how to use your phone to call a woman. You have to know how to call her and when to call her to have the best possible phone game.

In fact, if your phone game is tight enough, you can pretty much skip straight to sex without ever having to hang out with her.

One of the biggest problems I hear about from guys is that they can’t text a woman and get a response from her. It’s almost as if she gets off on reading the texts, but never responding.

Check out this email from a guy who had this problem:
Hey, Carlos –

I was out last week at a few bars, and I met this really cool chick. We were into the same music, and she even liked some of the geeky shows I like on cable.

So I got her number, and I waited until the next day to text her. I just sent her a quick message:

“Hey, what’s up… I’m heading to Steamy’s later… wanna meet me?”

A few minutes go by, and I see on my iPhone …

Avoid Friend Zone

3 Effective Ways to Cure “Just Friends” Syndrome

Being “just friends” with a woman you’re really into is the worst. You’ve probably been in that situation a few times, so you know how frustrating it is.

But you don’t have to put up with the same BS over and over again until you quit dating altogether. If you’re sick of being written off as a guy she’ll NEVER have feelings for, check out these tips below:

#1: Stop Being a Phony

Yes, you read that right. Admit it – you probably have more than a few female friends in your life and you’re interested in more than just being friends with them.

You know, the painfully hot friends you really have a crush on, yet act like you’re just friends with them.

Here’s my advice: get real with yourself and stop carrying the proverbial torch for these lady friends.

If you’re putting on a “just friends” act while secretly hoping she’ll sleep with you, that’s all you’ll get out of her – being just friends.

Avoid Friend Zone

Of course, this doesn’t apply to women you’re actually friends with.

If you like hanging out with a girl and have zero romantic interest in her, she falls into this category. Otherwise, …