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To many men the secret of attracting women never reveals itself. They can’t attract women and die desperate or settling for less. Don’t let it be you!

How? By reading the many, oh so many blog posts about how to attract women I’ve written over the years. They’ll show you the when, why, how, where, and more of attracting women.

They cover topics ranging from why women fall in love with bad boys, do women like rich guys and if not then what do they like, how you can attract women without pretending you’re someone or something you’re not and much, much more.

So what are you waiting for? Check out my blog posts about how to attract women below…

how to know if a girl doesn't like you

How To Know If A Girl DOESN’T Like You – 5 Signs

Sure, you probably already know all the ways to know if a girl is attracted to you, right?

She’s smiling, laughing, plays with her hair, slaps you on the arm, yadda yadda.

Well here’s the deal..

It’s just as important – if not more – to know when she DOESN’T like you. You don’t want to stand there buying this girl drinks, making small talk, if she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

I’ve stood there hanging around a hot girl, hoping she was interested, only to find out she was eyeing my wingman. It was pretty humiliating.

How to impress a girl

I could have saved myself the time and money (and embarrassment) if I had only picked up on her signals.

So how do you know if a girl isn’t interested in you?

I’ll show you 5 easy clues so you know when a woman is leading you on or not.

The first signal she isn’t into you: She’s constantly checking her phone.

This one is a must – you have to get her to stop texting and checking the time on her mobile. If she’s paying attention to someone who ISN’T there, then you’re not doing …

How to make her want you

How To Make Her Want You

Women are like a computer that you have to hack into so you can get her to feel attracted to you. And if I had mad hacking skills, this wouldn’t seem so hard.

How to impress a girl

But girls aren’t computers, last I checked.

So we have to figure out how to “hack” her system another way to make her like you and want you.

I’m going to share 5 ways to get her to want you using simple tricks of psychology. The best part is that they work on a subconscious level that she won’t even register.

The first one is:

How to make her desire you with body language: Exaggerate your shoulders

One of the interesting things I see in guys I coach is that almost every guy who has a tough time with confidence inhibits or constrains his body language. Almost as if he’s smothering his self-expression.

The easiest way to overcome this is to consciously take control of your body language for a while until you break this habit. Chances are you’re being far too restricted with your movements.

How to get a girlfriend

One of the best ways to communicate confidence with your body is through exaggerating your shoulder movements as you …

7 Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

7 Ways To Be Attractive To Girls

It’s the 21st century… and the truth is that it’s harder than ever for most guys to really attract girls.

When I say “really” – I mean sexually attracted. Like – she wants to tackle you, throw you into bed, and have her wicked ways with you for eight hours straight

Okay, maybe that’s over the top…

Look, maybe you’ve had the experience of going out on a date with a girl, and maybe you bought her flowers – chivalrous chap that you are.

how to get that girl

But then you meet up with her, and she looks at you with a weird expression that says you must have done something wrong. And even if you don’t think you did, you feel like it.

And it SUCKS.

Maybe she gives you a polite “thanks” and takes them, but you can tell she isn’t as impressed as you thought.

Or maybe she tells you, “Thanks, but you’re trying a little hard.”

Which is closer to the truth.

Hey, man – you didn’t know!

And aren’t chicks supposed to like that crap?

Well, don’t get depressed, my friend. I’m going to guide you through a few of the ways that men can be …