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10 Best Compliments to Give Women

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women, Boost attraction | Posted on 15-09-2014


You want to make a long & lasting impression on a woman? Get on her good side instantly without having to think too much about what you have to say or do?

Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, you can always compliment her. Say something like “Wow, that looks good on you”, or “You really know how to work with kids.”

Read the rest of the article to find out the rest of the best compliments you can give a woman. Because if you dial this one in, you’ll be deadly when it comes to getting dates…

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Title: 10 Best Compliments to Give Women

What woman does not like to hear something nice about herself! But there are several times when a guy might think twice before paying compliments to a woman for fear of sounding insincere, patronizing or even downright offensive.

Here are a few ideas on the best compliments to pay which are sure to melt any woman’s heart and give you that extra edge over other men.

“Wow, that looks good on you”. The secret in paying the perfect compliment to a woman is to be specific. You may … » Attract womentitle_li=Boost attraction

Women Aren’t Attracted To You If You’re Doing These

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women, Boost attraction | Posted on 15-09-2014


“I just don’t get it, man,” my good friend Steve said while chugging down his third beer, “things were going great and we were already making out.”

He was already three dates into a girl he really liked when he got the “You’re a nice guy but it’s just not working out” speech from her.

“I thought it was turning into something serious, then she dumped me out of the blue…over a text message! I mean seriously, who does that?”

Then he finished it off by saying, “After all that hard work, she just threw it in my face. God, why do I even bother?”

And that right there, is one of the biggest reasons why guys lose out with women.

I’ve seen a lot of other men like Steve utter that line in similar situations, which brings us to the first problem that typically plagues men…


#1: Having an “Entitlement Mentality”

I feel for guys who put in the effort, learn how to pick up women and try their luck. It’s not easy putting your ego on the chopping block, hoping the girl you like doesn’t chop it into a million pieces and flush it down the drain.… » Attract womentitle_li=Boost attraction

The One Mistake Alpha Men Don’t Make

Posted by Carlos Xuma | Posted in Attract women, Boost attraction | Posted on 09-09-2014


A lot of guys think they’ve got it together when it comes to attracting women. But there’s one behavior that robs them of their masculine power and lessens women’s respect for them.

As men, we’re defined by our opinions. What we think says who we are, and apologizing for our beliefs can make a guy look weak and low-value.

Take matters on dating for instance. Some guys would rather go out with different women at a given time.


To them, they’d rather get to know more than one person to make sure that when they do commit to someone, they’re making the best choice possible.

That seems like a fair enough deal as long as he’s on the level with the women he’s dating. If he made any one of them think that they’ve gone steady while STILL seeing other girls, well, that’s something else.

And the biggest mistake in this situation would be to backpedal – or worse, apologize – just to appease a particular woman. If you tried to convince her desperately that you she should be ok with you dating other women, it makes your words incongruent with your actions.

And that makes you unattractive on every …

Is Learning How To Attract Women Ethical?

If you’re wondering whether learning how to attract women is manipulating them or not, then keep reading…

Frankly, in my opinion? Learning how to attract women is not manipulating them. NOT learning is!

Because would you give your best friend flowers, take him out to dinner, give him cholocate, give him compliments for the way he looks all the time, and the whole nine yards? Hell no.

So, what are you doing if you do this for women? You’re acting in a completely different way than the way you normally act around your male friends. THAT’S manipulation.

Learning how to attract women by using the character traits you already have isn’t manipulation however, because it’s simply trying to achieve your full potential. What’s wrong with that? It’s being yourself for crying out loud!

And now we got that out of the way, let’s look at some of the common mistakes men make when they want to attract women…

Common Mistakes That Don’t Attract Women

Let’s check out some obvious and not so obvious mistakes you’re guaranteed to make when trying to learn how you can attract women:

1) One of the biggest secrets of attracting women most men will never know is that because you think getting a woman is hard, you try HARDER when her interest in you seems to be lower than before. It’s the logical thing to do, but attraction is based on nothing logical. It’s based on emotions, so when you do your best and a woman puts you to the test? Do less! Being harder to get than everyone else gets you the girl.

2) There are a 1000-and-1 ways to attract women, but there’s no need to learn them all. The less experience you have with women and the more you learn… the more you’ll be confused and the less you’ll do! So, find one thing that works and keep doing what works ad infinitum (until you drop dead to the ground).

3) Although there are things (character traits) that attract women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races? No woman is the same as the one before her. That means that while they all respond to playful teasing, an attractive character trait, some women respond very well to it and others only barely because of their experiences in life. So know that if you want to attract women, better said ANY women, you have to adapt to who she is to do it…

And if you want to know more about getting women beyond attracting women, like how to ask them out for a first date, what to do on a date, and more? Then I highly recommend you check out our page with a list of all the best tips on how to get with a girl.

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