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There are tons of frequently asked questions about calling girls and this is the ultimate answer list that answers every single one of them!

So, let’s get started with learning how calling girls is done, shall we?

Over the years I’ve helped 600+ guys with calling girls and here’s an overview of the questions they asked me the most (in random order) and my answers to their questions.

Here we go!

Q: Carlos, there’s asking a girl for her number, calling her, asking her out on a date over the phone and a whole bunch of other stuff I need to learn… but where do I start with calling girls?

A: Take it easy my man! There’s no need to worry about whether you’ll be able to learn everything there is to know about calling girls, as long as you learn things one step at a time. I think the first thing you should do is check out my resource list of how to call girls that names sites and blog posts that give you advice on all the topics you mentioned and more. I consider it to be my go-to guide for calling girls.

Having said that, I think a CRITICAL element of learning how calling girls is done is knowing that most guys already screw up before they ever call a girl. Here’s what usually goes wrong:

– You ask a girl for her number but haven’t created enough attraction yet (so she only gave you her digits because she didn’t want to hurt your feelings or just couldn’t say no)

– You wait several days with calling girls back after you get their number, which comes across like you’re not really interested in them or like you’re playing games. The only think girls will do then is thinking what goes around, comes around…

– You stick to a girl after getting her number like bees to honey, causing girls to lose interest in you even before you got around to calling girls. I always say: it’s a matter of hit-and-run once her number comes.

Calling girls is a hit and run activity man!

How To Get Dates When You’re Calling Girls

Q: Carlos, I have trouble asking girls out when I’m calling girls over the phone, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Can you please help me?

A: Sure, because calling girls and asking them out isn’t that hard. The only thing that’s tough about it is the timing during the phone call (don’t wait until the end) and the words you say to ask her out (don’t ask, invite), but once you learn both then you know how to call a girl and get a date 9 out of 10 times.

Q: Carlos, when is a great time for calling girls? And how long do you wait with calling girls after you get their phone number?

A: The best times for calling girls are either the same evening (in the weekend) so you can check to see if she’s going out or not so you two can meet up somewhere… OR the day after.

Why are these great times for calling girls you ask?

Because it’s a freaking myth that you need to wait several days before calling her. That’s actually what NOT to do when calling girls because:

– When you start calling girls after days/weeks, you come across like you’re not really interested
– Girls are approached by guys in one way or another multiple times a day, so they may have forgotten you already
– Waiting for days when a girl wants to be called comes across like you’re playing games, which makes her think “two can play that game!”

That’s why you need to start calling girls later that day or the next day after you get their number.

How To Create Attraction When Calling Girls

Q: Carlos, thanks for your tips on how to ask for a girl’s number and how to get dates when I call, but I’m having trouble creating attraction when I’m calling girls. What can I do?

A: Good thing you asked me bro, because there’s no getting dates if you don’t know how to create attraction when you’re calling girls. Don’t get al hot and bothered about it though, because there are a million and one ways for how to impress a girl on the phone.

For example, why not be mysterious when she asks you a question by pretending the reception is really bad? Or by straight up saying you’ll tell her later, or by teasing her and letting her guess your answer… and then never revealing your actual answer? Being mysterious creates attraction, just like teasing your but off when you’re calling girls.

You can accuse girls of being sexual perverts with anything they do for example:

When calling girls, accuse them of being perverts to attract them

For example, say she only rides a horse because she loves to bounce on top of things, she likes spaghetti so much because she loves to put meat in her mouth, she only loves to drink and party because drinking involves a lot of swallowing.

As you can see: you can turn anything into something sexual when you’re calling girls and tease them to death with it!

Everything You Need To Know About When To Call Her

Q: Carlos, what’s the best time for calling girls in general and after you get their number?

A: When it comes to when to call her, I’d say the best time is after dinner. So somewhere between 7 PM and 10 PM.


Because people work, you know. And girls go to college, you know. That means it’s very likely they’re not available during the day, which is exactly why you need to be calling girls somewhere in the evening. That’s when they almost always answer the phone. It’s their free time. Their time off.

And when it comes to calling girls after getting their number, it totally depends on which day you meet them (especially with chicks in college who go out a lot). If you meet them during the week, call them the next day to keep them hoping and waiting a little. if you meet them during the weekend though, why not call them later that same day and invite them to come join you at club or bar XYZ?

As you can see: I’m not saying you need to start calling girls after 3 days or any of that other crap. Doesn’t work. Made up rule. Made up by Hollywood that is! Waiting for so long lets a girl think you’re playing games and then you’re screwed. Then you can forget about getting her.

Carlos, do you have any advice for calling girls after you’ve been on a date with them?

A: You mean some tips for getting a second date? Or a nice little follow-up call to make sure she knows you’re genuinely interested in her (which is what women want: a guy that’s genuinely interested)?

Either way, I think I can help with this aspect of calling girls. I think you should call after a first date because A) you let a hot babe know you’re really interested, B) reminding her of some of the ways you two had fun gives her something to think about (and want more of) when she’s lying in her bed, trying to sleep… and C) you need to start calling girls after the first date anyways if you want a second date!

No woman is going to beg for a second date, you know. They don’t want to be seen as desperate losers just like you don’t want to. So, yes you need to show a genuine interest… but you need to do it without being seen as a wussbag.

That’s why I highly recommend you call after a first date the day AFTER the date.

What To Do When You’re Nervous When Calling Girls

Q: Carlos, do you have any tips for a guy who gets really nervous when he’s calling girls?

A: I would be a phoney if I didn’t, because who DOESN’T feel uncomfortable at first when he’s about to call girls? I think every guy does, so don’t be ashamed of it. You’re not alone.

One of the things you can do is call a friend that makes you laugh your ass off, that puts you in a really positive place with your thoughts. Then call girls immediately afterwards, because your friend makes you relax, live in the moment, and be social. It will make a BIG difference, trust me.

But if you’re still nervous when calling girls, then I highly recommend you find the funniest photo or image you can via Google and display it on your computer/laptop as you’re calling girls.

That way, whenever you feel uncomfortable, you look at the photo and you’ll crack up and relax.

And if you still want more tips on how to call girls, then check out the rest of the blog for some really great blog posts on calling girls. I just know you’ll love them!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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