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There are tons of frequently asked questions about texting girls and this is the ultimate answer list that answers every question on texting a girl.

So, let’s get started with learning how texting girls is done, shall we?

Over the years I’ve helped 800+ men with texting girls and here’s an overview of the questions they asked me the most (in random order) and my answers to their questions.

Here we go! You ready for some tips on how to text a girl?

Texting Girls: What To Text

Q: Carlos, which piece of advice would you give a guy who knows absolutely NOTHING about texting girls? So, what’s the first thing I need to know about texting a girl?

A: Well, here’s the thing… girls can text anywhere and at any time, unlike calling, talking to someone face-to-face or meeting someone online. I mean, try doing that in clubs and bars you know? But girls can always text, so when it comes to texting girls, knowing what to text a girl in different situations is the first thing you should know.

For example, it’s wise to start texting a girl something different when you’ve just met her, when you know she likes you, after a date, and so on. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Because in each situation where you’re about to start texting girls, different things create attraction.

Don’t feel overwhelmed though, because experience is your best teacher and my examples will definitely help you get on your way with texting girls.

With texting girls, experience is the best teacher

On Techniques For Texting Girls…

Q: Carlos, is learning how to text flirt different from learning how to call girls? I mean, what’s so great about texting girls?

A: First off, texting girls is as awesome as it is because it allows you to test when a girl is available…

So you can then call her and ask her out on a date. How come? Well, when you’re texting girls and they reply within minutes, then you know they have the time to talk to you or they wouldn’t text you back.

That’s one of the advantages of texting girls: you can use it for all kinds of tests BEFORE you call ’em. And learning how to text flirt is so different because you only have text to work with. Your voice tone or body language won’t do the trick, so it all boils down to delivery:

Using emoticons like 😛 when you tease, using … to make girls curious and to increase the tension, stuff like that.

Q: Carlos, your advice for texting girls is awesome! I’m curious: how do you text a girl you like?

A: When it comes to how to text a girl you like, I use my spellchecking, you remind me of …, who’s this, and several other techniques you can learn by clicking the link above.

I think the main thing you need to know about texting girls is that, when you’re texting a girl, you really got to work with language… since text is the only thing you can work with right?

So when they made a spelling error, ask them about the new word they just invented…

Pretend like you don’t know all those weird abbreviations girls (and people in general) use in their texts: ltr instead of later, 2nite instead of tonight, etc. and tease with it when you’re texting girls. Pretend they’re morons by doing stuff like that and both you and they will have lots of fun. Use the moron index:

Start texting girls and call them morons because it attracts them!

One of the best things you can do when you want to send flirty text messages is using suspense. When telling a story, tell her half, she thinks she just received a broken (incorrect) text and asks you about it, then you say it wasn’t broken and wanted to tease her by making her want to hear more. Stuff like that.

What Not To Do When Texting Girls

Q: Carlos, I always wonder what I’m doing wrong when texting girls because I often don’t recognize my mistakes myself. So what’s the worst thing ANY man could possible do when he’s texting girls?

A: Of course you can’t see your own mistakes, because you’re emotionally involved and in the thick of it which prevents you from taking a step back to see what the hell is going on when you’re texting girls.

But don’t worry about it, because I’ve prepared an awesome blog post with the 7 “deadly sins” of how to flirt with a girl over text for you that describes some of the worst (and unfortunately most common) mistakes men make when texting girls.

Mistakes like being a cheapskate, forgetting the fact that having a girl’s number doesn’t mean that you have the girl, and even worse. So check out that blog if you know what’s good for ya!

Q: Carlos, the question may be obvious, but what attracts girls when you text them? Is anything different when you’re texting girls or does the same stuff that works face-to-face also works when texting?

A: While you only have text to go by when texting girls where you have all kinds of things face-to-face, I would say that it’s the same game… but with different players. Know what I mean?

The same personality traits that create attraction face-to-face or online also create attraction when you’re texting girls. That’s a very important lesson to learn, like I discussed in my blog post on how to text girls and create attraction with your personality (and how easy that actually is!)

Some of the ways to create attraction when texting girls I mentioned in there are: being a playful teaser, being dominant, being picky, and being a protector of loved ones when you’re texting girls.

Just remember that girls only have text to go by, so you really need to evoke as much emotion as possible when you’re texting girls because you probably know the drill by now: attraction is a FEELING based on EMOTIONS, it isn’t a choice, so as long as you create emotions? You’re doing well!

Q: Carlos, what are your thoughts on phones to use for texting girls? Do you have any technological advice or so to speak?

A: You mean technology that makes it easier for you to start texting girls? Sure, I have some tips for you!

First off, get yourself a smartphone that has a QWERTY keyboard or Swype on it because they both make texting girls a lot easier: they’ll save you time and effort with every text you send.

And then there’s the Whatsapp Messenger, which allows you to text girls or send video, images or audio for free as long as you have an internet connection.

Now THAT is a great tool for texting girls in my opinion!

Q: Carlos, I always get this sense that dating gurus aren’t sharing all the techniques of texting girls (or other areas of dating) with us. Is that true? And are there any overlooked secrets you want to share?

A: Don’t get paranoid on me now! Look, most genuine dating gurus (girls and guys who are the real deal) experiment constantly. They try something new when it comes to texting girls, meeting girls online, calling girls or getting girls in general on a weekly or even daily basis. They keep learning, which is why you’ll see them sharing new techniques on a continuous basis.

Does that mean they hold back when they share tips for texting girls?

No, only the ones that only care about your money do. But I’m certainly not one of them and think my entire LEGION of blog posts with free advice on texting girls and more proves that.

As for overlooked secrets: hmmm, let me think for a sec. I’ve been experimenting (and so should you) with group texts and general texts. A group text is a text message you send to multiple girls at once (when you want to have a party, it’s THE way of arranging it), while a general text is a very brief message that most mobile phone networks allow you to send for free.

Works great if you’re lazy!

Some “Unknown” Secrets Of Texting Girls

Carlos, I want to start texting girls but have no idea what the difference is between flirtatious text messages and normal ones. What do I do?

A: First off, relax. Lots of men don’t have a freaking clue about what flirting through text actually means. So you’re not alone my friend.

Secondly, I think it’s best if I give you some examples of flirtatious text messages you can use when texting girls to show you what I mean:

1) It’s not a flirty text message if there’s no emotion in it (translation: where are your emoticons?!)

2) It’s not a flirty text message if you listen to what she says or thinks (translation: attraction is a feeling based on emotions, some illogical, so both opinions and thoughts are irrelevant)

3) It’s not a flirty text message if you text her 30 times on 1 day (those are NEEDY and DESPERATE text messages, but not flirtatious ones)

I think you get the idea by now of what texting girls in a flirtatious way means…

Carlos, I’m not looking for tactics and techniques. I’m looking to improve my “text game” in general and want to know if you have some rules for me?

A: That’s a vague description, but I think you mean you want to know the rules of texting girls instead of what to text? No problem. I can give you some tips for texting that deal with strategy instead of execution.

The most important one is, without a doubt in my mind, that you need to start saving those text messages that get a positive reply from girls. For example, say you’re texting girls and you notice how most of them like the True Blood series. Start testing multiple things and see how they respond. The best response is what you (what else) end up storing on your phone…

So next time True Blood comes up in any random conversation via text? You can start texting girls effortlessly, because all you have to do is forward that stored text message to them and watch the magic happen!

Think about the implications of this when it comes to texting girls: your type of girl is a brunette? Test all the ways you can tease brunettes with their hair color and intelligence (because blondes are stupid, as the stereotype goes)… find the one that works best… and keep using it.

Over time, the only thing you’ll use when texting girls is stuff you’ve said before. Can texting get any easier than that? I don’t think so!

And that’s all I have to say about texting girls for now my friend, because this movie junkie wants to watch himself some Dark City. Now THAT is a freaky movie… and no it’s not about texting a girl 😉

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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