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There are tons of frequently asked questions about meeting girls online and this is the ultimate answer list that answers every single one of them!

So, let’s get started with learning how meeting girls online is done, shall we?

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of guys with meeting girls online and here’s an overview of the questions they asked me the most (in random order) and my answers to their questions.

Here we go!

Q: Carlos, there are so many sites where I can start meeting girls online and there’s so much to do (writing a dating profile, messaging girls, etc.) that I don’t know where to begin. Where do I start?

A: It all starts with your profile for dating. You should try and write a dating profile that attracts your type of girl. Thinking along those lines, you should ask yourself: when it comes to meeting girls online that are my type, what kind of music would they like? What kind of movies and TV shows would they watch? How would they talk: lots of slang, in a “normal” way or in a sophisticated way? What would they respond well to and what would they hate?

Then it’s a matter of catering your profile to their tastes so you can truly start meeting girls online that are just right for you… and believe me when I tell you:

There are more girls who are your type out there than you’d think!

Meeting Girls Online On The Right Site

Q: Carlos, is it better to join some dating sites for meeting girls online… or to join some social networks for dating? Are there even any good social networks for dating?

A: Of course there are! Hell, I’ve reviewed the most well-known social networks for dating in the past and let me tell you: it depends on your experience in the online dating game.

For example, if you already kick ass when it comes to meeting girls online, then Twitter’s the place to be.

If you know what you're doing when meeting girls online, then do it on Twitter!

On Twitter a girl can only go by what you say AND you only have 140 characters to say it… and that means most guys either think it’s too tough or they screw up because of the character limit. That means that, if you’re experienced in the meeting girls online department, there’s ZERO competition on Twitter. All you need to do is know the right things to say and be spontaneous enough to start meeting girls online by showing a genuine interest in them… while their profile is EMPTY, if you can even call your info on Twitter a profile!

But when you’re a little less experienced with meeting girls online, then I would start with Facebook because it gives you a TON of profile areas you can work with to write an amazingly attractive dating profile. Then, a girl not only sees your interesting message but also your profile with all kinds of awesomeness on it so she can’t help but be attracted to you.

There are some do’s and don’ts of writing a dating profile, but once you get the hang of it? You’ll be able to transform your dating profile into a chick magnet in a matter of weeks or even days… IF you make an effort of meeting girls online. IF you put an hour or two a day in it.

Q: Carlos, now that Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, is it the best place for meeting girls online or does the HUGE number of other guys make it more difficult to meet girls online?

A: Good question man! Look, with Facebook it’s hard to tell the forrest from the trees… at first. At first, there are tons of profile options and tons of ways to contact girls (messages, comments on videos and photos, friend requests, etc.). So it’s a matter of getting used to all of the options one by one if you want to successfully get a girl on Facebook.

But you know what? If you’re strategic about it, then it shouldn’t be a problem to get girls on Facebook FAST. If you have no freaking clue about which “strategies” to use for meeting girls online, then know that learning how to get a girl on Facebook is much like poker. Click that link and you’ll understand why…

And one more thing about meeting girls online and on Facebook specifically:

Just because there are other guys, MANY other guys, on there? Doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. I’m willing to bet you for $10 right now that 75% of the dudes with a dating profile have no idea of what they should be doing to get girls. Place your bets!

Let's bet that 75 percent of guys don't know how meeting girls online is done

Q: Carlos, I like foreign girls just like you do but most of them (of course) don’t speak the language of my country. How can I start meeting girls online that are foreign?

A: I had the same problem years ago man. Over here, on Dutch dating sites, almost every guy has a profile written in Dutch that foreign women don’t understand. I first wrote a Dutch profile as well but noticed no foreign women responded (I was an idiot for not understanding why), so I did what you should do too:

Write a dating profile in English so foreign women have a good idea of what you’re all about. Now, when you start meeting girls online? Those that are foreign won’t understand 100% of your profile, but they’ll at least feel like they can talk to you…

Big difference compared to all those “nationalistic” jerks that don’t want to speak English, right?

How Meeting Girls Online Consistently Is Done

Q: Carlos, I’m having a hard time with meeting girls online consistently. I mean, I get a phone number here and a date there, but I can’t get it to where I get several dates a week. Can you help me?

A: Sure, there are several “tricks” you can use to turn the tide when you find it difficult to successfully meet girls online over a longer period of time. First off, you need to be disciplined when it comes to how to write a dating profile. Disciplined like Eminem.

I mean, Eminem has dozens and dozens of boxes filled with ideas and lines he wrote down for later use and if you listen to his freestyles? Then you’d know that his songs contain the best rhymes he came up with during freestyles. Your mindstate should be the same when you start meeting girls online: experiment with your dating profile, always try to improve it, and keep it up-to-date.

And you know what? Being disciplined in the meeting girls online department gives you more than some more messages from girls here and some messages there, it will easily DOUBLE the number of girls you’ll talk to.


Because most people search for someone to meet and only look at the first couple pages, and most dating sites are made in such a way that people who are online now or were recently online are displayed at the top of the search results. That means more girls will see you when you regularly update your dating profile.

And that means meeting girls online more easily than when you think from a “set it and forget it” mindstate.

So, in short, if you want to meet women on line consistently, then you have to make a consistent effort of updating your profile. The same goes for how you respond to women’s profiles by the way: if you play around and see if they reply more positively to teasing than to making friendly conversation (which is usually the case), then start teasing ALL women.

It’s only with consistent experimentation that you find the best way for meeting girls online.

Q: Carlos, I’m all out of steam when it comes to writing an online dating profile. I really don’t know what to do and what not to do, but my current profile makes me fail at meeting girls online. What can I do?

A: Long story short, you’re looking for examples of dating profiles to make writing yours and meeting girls online a little easier huh? No problem, just check out my blog post with online dating profile examples.

It will give you some pointers on meeting girls online thanks to an attractive profile.

More About Meeting Girls Online…

Q: Carlos, I demand that you tell me everything you know about meeting girls online haha!

A: I know this isn’t a question, but I still wanted to reply to it because it made me laugh AND because I want to give you some additional tips for meeting girls online:

– Why stick to one online dating site? Join several and join some social networks and some dating sites. The ideal number is 3-4 sites. Spend 1-2 hours a day on meeting girls online and you’ll kick ass in no time!

– If you want to know how to let the odds work in your favor in the online dating game, then make a fake female profile and see what kind of messages other guys type. Also regularly check the profiles of other guys and see how they do their thing in the meeting girls online department. You’ll learn a lot, trust me!

– Play around with everything. Nothing is too crazy to say in a message or on your dating profile. Your goal is not to stick to what you know, but to find ways for meeting girls online that no one else knows so you have ZERO competition. A monopoly.

Start meeting girls online by looking for monopolies

You can’t find those ways without experimenting.

Q: Carlos, is it possible to find a girlfriend online when you’re learning how meeting girls online is done?

A: Of course finding a girlfriend online is possible dude, because I met mine online around 4 years ago. And, contrary to many stereotypes about meeting girls online that are alive today, she’s hot, funny, smart, and hot tempered… which is just the way I like my women hehe.

When you follow the advice I gave you about adapting your dating profile to YOUR type of girl, you’ll meet your type of girl sooner rather than later. Mark my words man. Just wait and see.

And I hope you liked this FAQ about meeting girls online!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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