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There are tons of frequently asked questions about getting girls and this is the ultimate answer list that answers every question on how to get girls.

So, let’s get started with learning how getting girls is done, shall we?

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of guys with getting girls and here’s an overview of the questions they asked me the most (in random order) and my answers to their questions.

Here we go!

Where To Start With Learning How Getting Girls Is Done

Q: Carlos, so much is involved with getting girls that I have no clue of where I should start. Sure, I need to know how to approach, talk, and attract, but what is more important?

A: Good question bro! When it comes to getting girls, it’s important to take one step at a time… because yeah there IS a lot to learn and yeah there ARE plenty of steps you need to take, but don’t let the big picture scare you. Chop learning how to get with a girl up into little pieces and you’ll do great, because that makes it manageable.

Then it’s a “project” with one moving part, not a wonder of the world with billions of moving parts, you know?

Knowing getting girls is about gaining momentum is KEY to learning how to get girls. You gain momentum step by step, not with one big push.

Thinking along those lines, getting girls is just like a row of domino stones:

To start getting girls, you need to gain momentum just like with dominos

Q: Do you agree that approaching girls is the most important element of learning how getting girls is done?

A: No I don’t, because whether you want to know how to get that girl next door or your type of girl that is incredibly hard to find and date? The approach is not important. I’ve successfully approached girls by saying “Hi” or even by just winking at them.

The approach is not important for getting girls, because it’s a means to an end, just like getting their phone number, and calling girls.

That’s why it’s irrelevant what you say when you approach and why how you respond to her is CRITICAL, because you only take a girl home when you cater to her psychological needs.

That sounds complicated, but it’s not. For example, when I’m out getting girls? I ask a girl about her parents and siblings and when she tells me she’s the oldest child or only child? Then I know she feels entitled, dominant, and that she’s not impressed by compliments… but a whole lot of dominance.

Meanwhile, the youngest child has felt surpressed by her older siblings all her life, so dominance won’t get you anywhere because she wants to be free. That’s where being outrageous works well… and I recommend you check out some more principles of getting girls in my blog post with the A to Z of how to get girls to notice you.

Q: Carlos, is there a difference between getting girls to like you and attracting girls? Because friends like each other, but that’s different from having feelings for each other of course!

A: You know, many guys have asked me “How do you get girls to like you?” and about the difference between girls liking you and feeling attracted to you, but here’s the real way getting girls works:

I’m 100% convinced of the fact that guys and girls don’t become friends without feelings, because one of the two always has a… special kind of interest in the other while the other doesn’t. So, someone settles for being friends. And you know what? Usually it’s the guy who settles for being friends because he doesn’t know how getting girls is done and screws up because of it… hoping he will get another chance some day.

I think liking you is equal to feeling attracted to you, because I’ve “converted” many girls from just friends… to more than friends. And you know what? Anything is possible in the dating game when you ignore all the rules. It really is.

I’m living proof of how the “game” of getting girls is filled with opportunities. The sky’s the limit!

When it comes to getting girls, the sky is the limit!

Don’t underestimate the number of ways of how to get girls: there’s teasing them, disapproval, challenging them, being mysterious, being dominant, being adventurous, being social, being the protector of loved ones, being ambiguous… and the list of how getting girls can be accomplished goes on and on.

And guess what? I discuss all of those ways right here on the blog, so do dig around and see what you can find alright?

On Getting Girls And Asking Them Out…

Q: Carlos, I can talk to girls just fine but I don’t know how to ask a girl out! It makes getting girls so hard! Can you help me?

A: Do I look like I can’t help a man with getting girls? That’s what this whole Win With Women blog is for!

But I can relate bro, because knowing how to ask a girl out is difficult to learn. Why? Because trial and error really hurts: asking 20 girls out and only getting 1 “okay” at first can give you some severe blows to your ego, which is why I want to help you to stop that from happening.

Look, knowing how to ask a girl out is less important than knowing when to ask a girl out. Hell, ASKING a girl for a date is wrong to begin with…

Click the link above and you’ll find out why, and why timing is everything when it comes to getting girls. You’ll be able to ask girls out without much effort afterwards.

Q: Carlos, when it comes to getting girls, I would like some help with the first date because it’s still difficult for me to go on a first date that ends well for me…

A: Okay, well, I’m willing to bet you that you’re thinking about what to say on a first date, right? But why?

Because when you’re over-thinking things and are only concerned with your own thoughts, aren’t you forgetting the whole point of getting girls? It’s about getting THEM, not about getting yourself to do this or that. So stop worrying, start relaxing, and live in the moment. Assume she’s attracted to you.

Why? Because when you’re out getting girls and assume attraction, you will relax, feel comfortable, and be social and talkative.

After all, you already know she’s into you, so why worry? Because you feel much better by assuming things, it’s way easier to talk to a girl and make her like you… so assuming attraction creates attraction!

And hey, if you have no freaking clue of where to go on a first date, then check out my blog post with good first date ideas. It will help you with getting girls to enjoy themselves on a date with you… to have tons of fun… and to come home with you afterwards.

Q: Carlos, I find it tough to know if a girl isn’t interested… or if she’s playing hard to get? Getting girls as in understanding them is difficult man!

A: Haha I know getting girls (understandig them) can get tough at times, but isn’t that what makes it exciting? That you never quite know what to expect from girls? Because every girl is in some ways different from the previous ones you’ve met, which makes getting girls an on-going challenge.

But that’s a good thing my friend, because it means getting girls never gets boring. I wrote a blog post on girls who are playing hard to get a while ago and I’m sure it will help you see whether a girl is interested in you or not crystal clear.

Hint: taking a “leave of absence” from a girl will let you know what’s up.

Q: Carlos, what are some of the most common mistakes men make when it comes to getting girls?

A: I think jealousy is one of the biggest problems men have to overcome when they’re out there in the big, bad world getting girls.

You see, jealousy can make you scare girls away because you call or text them too often. It can make you do and say things you’ll regret, but what’s worse: jealousy NEVER improves your chances of getting girls.


Because jealousy comes from insecurities, hell, jealousy is insecurity that makes you angry. For example, when you’re doing your best with getting girls but you find out a certain girl is talking to another man as well… why worry?

Just because a girl has a choice doesn’t mean she will never choose YOU. Keep doing what works because getting angry certainly does NOT work. Remember that next time you’re out getting girls, will you?

On Getting Girls And Creating Attraction…

Q: Carlos, I have kind of a dumb question about getting girls. How can I be attractive to girls? Because I have NO CLUE about how attraction works!

A: That’s not a dumb question about getting girls man. Think about it:

How often do we, as men, talk about getting girls in a social situation? And I don’t mean “I totally nailed that chick in the men’s room last night!”

I’m talking about the nuts and bults here.

Learn the nuts and bolts of getting girls below

The “if I do this, then will a girl do that or so and so? If I want a girl to do XYZ, what do I need to do?” That’s because it’s a TABOO. Talking about getting girls is a taboo for men because it’s “not masculine” to talk about it. You’ll show someone you need help when you do that and that’s “not masculine”.

Result: most men have no freaking clue about how to be attractive to girls!

Anyways, creating attraction boils down to needs. Her background story is this, so she needs that. If I give her that, then she’ll be attracted to me. That’s the whole deal: where there’s a need, there’s a way to start getting girls.

Example: say a girl grew up without a father figure because her dad left/died when she was young. It means she never had a male role model. No father figure (no authority figure) to show her how and what men are. Subconsciously she’ll keep looking for a guy that’s dominant and tells her what she can and cannot do, who’s harsh when he needs to be… but has her best interests at heart: a male authority figure.

That’s the truth about getting girls: psychology always works better than random techniques.

Still Getting Girls When You’re In Trouble

Q: Carlos, how do I get my ex back? Is there a technique for getting girls that I can use to get her back or something?

A: Although I’m the kind of guy that believes in “when we’re done, we’re really done her” because getting your ex back naturally makes you more insecure as you’ll constantly be terrified of losing her again, I can give you some advice that will either ease the pain or cure it completely.

How can you do that?

By learning how to make a girl jealous my friend! You see, nothing makes an ex realize what she’s lost more than another girl. She sees (or hears about) you dancing with her, kissing her, having such a time time, and bla bla.

Getting girls is easy once you involve OTHER girls, because girls are extremely competitive by nature. Think about it: if two girls are friends and one buys a pair of shoes that the other wanted, they can argue about it for weeks. I’m not kidding dude…

So when it comes to getting girls, think about what making one jealous with the other can do for your dating success! And you can use jealousy in far more situations than “just” the case of the ex my man. For example, it’s also very usable in a situation where your friends with a girl but don’t want to be friends but lovers.

Q: Carlos, I want to know everything YOU know about getting girls on the first date because it’s the moment of truth, isn’t it? If you screw up the first date, you screw up your chances right?

A: Not necessarily, but it does make getting girls a lot harder for you. It’ll take time before you can correct your mistakes, so you’re better off making sure the first date runs smoothly…

And nothing allows you to do that better than some great first date topics. Women love to talk, you want to attract them more and kiss them/take them home, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

First date topics you can talk about and which you two will have a lot of fun talking about let you make a woman feel comfortable. They make getting girls easier because they let you create that emotional connection you need to take things to the next level with her.

Why? Because no matter how much you make a woman blush and/or giggle, you won’t get anywhere if she doesn’t feel safe around you. She must trust you. Getting girls is about attraction AND trust/comfort (whatever you want to call it).

Make her comfortable enough and she’ll do anything with you. Trust me. So start talking about the right things on the first date if you want things to run smoothly.

And that’s all about getting girls for now dude!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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