Advanced Seduction Techniques

Welcome to the page with advanced seduction techniques! Here we’ll explore just how deep the rabbit hole goes with each step of the process of meeting women.

Warning: these seduction techniques will put you to the test, ask you to meet women in places you aren’t used to go to for the purpose of meeting women, and they’ll test your persistence.

So, let’s see just how bad you want to get more results with women, shall we? Let’s find out what you’re made of with some seduction techniques… and if you have what it takes to be insanely successful with women!

And hey, if you at any point feel you already know this stuff? Then go back to the seduction techniques page to check out the advanced or even expert techniques.

Advanced Seduction Techniques: What Are They About?

In short, the following seduction techniques are all about making you think about the dating game in entirely new ways. They challenge you to change your beliefs and mindset.

1) Confidence may not be what you think it was…
Are you familiar with the TV show Californication? If not, then be ashamed of yourself and go to Google or Youtube right now! Because the show’s main character, Hank Moody, lets you think about confidence in a very different way. I talk about this in my blog post on improving self confidence.

2) The TRUTH about where to meet women
On the page with seduction techniques for beginners I summed up a whole bunch of places to meet women. Now, although you need to go outside to meet women? Although you need to put yourself out there?

It’s actually NOT true that you need any particular location to meet women in. You see, you can meet women anywhere and at any time, IF you know what to do that is! This and more is what I explore in an article on where to meet women.

3) Attraction 2.0
If you’re reading this, then you already know attraction isn’t a choice. That it’s not based on logical reasoning and thus not on what women think or say. But that’s not where the story of attraction ends my friend! There’s more to attraction than playful teasing, negging, cocky and funny or whatever you want to call what you’re doing right now.

For example, I’m willing to bet you that you don’t know what attracts women in more subtle ways. Click on that link right there to go to a page where you can download an ebook of mine filled with advanced seduction techniques.

And do you know how to use not only your body, but specific facial expressions to “get the girl” with? If not, then I highly recommend you check out my page that answers the question: what are facial expressions for?

Last but not least: another set of seduction techniques that challenge the way you think about dating. This time we’re talking about compliments.

Check out my thoughts on women and compliments right away.

4) Let’s talk about calling women and texting women.
It’s one thing to have some fun while texting, another to recognize what the best character trait to create attraction with at this very moment. Because sometimes you need to tease, at other times you need to be dominant, and then there’s a situation where you need to be a protector of loved ones.

That’s why I wrote a “little” blog post filled with seduction techniques for how to text girls with each of these attractive character traits.

And I haven’t even talked about knowing the right time for when to call her after you get a woman’s number. I’ve talked about it before on the beginners page, but this time around? Things get a bit more difficult… but that much more educational (in my opinion).

5) How about the first date?
I see dozens and dozens of sites with seduction techniques for men that claim macho stuff, being hard, never showing emotions, and all that is THE way to go with women. Yes it is… if you’re insecure and/or want to pretend you’re something you’re not.

In short, there’s nothing wrong with showing a softer side. Hell, it’s NECESSARY in my opinion if you don’t want to be seen as a jerk or an asshole. That’s why I wrote a blog post with tips on romance. There are some first date tips in there too, so check it out!

Plus I’ve got some additional techniques for you… and they’re about sex on the first date, same night lays, and so on and so forth:

6) What comes after the first date?
Well, I already gave you some pointers in the post on romance, but I think another area of the dating game is worth mentioning too here: what to do AFTER a first date. To be more specific, I highly recommend you check out my seduction techniques for how to call after a first date to get a second one, and possibly more.

And if you want to know more about how to please what’s now your girlfriend after a couple dates (if you want a relationship that is), check out the right side of your screen and look in the list of most popular topics for the topic called “How to please your girlfriend.”


Advanced Seduction Techniques For Online Dating

Just like on the page with seduction techniques for beginners, I haven’t forgotten about some advanced stuff for my online dating friends!

Here we go… and just like before, what follows is an addition to the techniques I gave you before, okay? So, if you’re into online dating, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to work on your confidence and all that.

It does. Anyways, let’s first bust practically ALL the myths around online dating. I wrote a blog post with 27 seduction techniques to meet women on line with that attempts to do just that. And I just know you’ll learn something new from it.

On top of that, just to make sure your perspective of online dating will completely change after going through this page with advanced seduction techniques, there’s another blog post. This one’s about the 7 mistakes most guys make when writing a dating profile.

Don’t skip that one, because you’ll be surprised by what you’ve been doing wrong! It’s unexpected stuff.

Final Thoughts On Advanced Seduction Techniques

Believe me when I say: after you’ve mastered the majority of the seduction techniques mentioned on this page?

You’ll know more about yourself, women, and dating than 99% of all men on earth. Hey, I didn’t call them ADVANCED seduction techniques for nothing my friend.

Congratulations on getting this far! Feels great, doesn’t it? But there will come a time where you’re thinking to yourself “Damn, I want more…”

And that’s when you need to go to the seduction techniques page to check out the expert techniques for meeting and dating women.

Until then, I hope you’ll learn as much as you can from these advanced seduction techniques!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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