Seduction Techniques For Beginners

Welcome to the page with beginner seduction techniques! These techniques will help you understand what women want and what you need to change to give it to them.

What you’ll learn by studying and applying these seduction techniques is, in essence, what attraction is, what women want… and the do’s and don’ts of the various phases of the process of dating women.

The different phases of dating women that the following seduction techniques cover are:

Approaching women, attracting them, getting contact information, contacting women, asking them out and… last but not least… dating them.

Now let’s get started, shall we? And hey, if you at any point feel you already know this stuff? Then go back to the seduction techniques page to check out the advanced or even expert techniques.

Seduction Techniques For Meeting Women Face-To-Face

These techniques are when you want to meet women in clubs and bars, at work or in college, in streets and stores, etc. So, in short, they’re for when you’re face-to-face with women and wondering what the hell you should do!

1) Get over your approach anxiety
If you want to be able to get women, you need to be able to approach them… but when can you do that when the mere thought of it makes you shit your pants? That’s why you need to get over approach anxiety – the fear of approaching women.

2) Learn how to improve your confidence
Just because you got over the fear of talking to a hot woman doesn’t mean you automatically feel like the greatest men of all time… that all women MUST fall in love with because you’re so freaking awesome. But I think you know that. You know, deep down, that women will never like you if you don’t even like yourself.

So, techniques on how to improve confidence are, in a way, seduction techniques. After all, they help you further along on your way to being able to get the girl you WANT instead of the girl you need to settle for.

3) Are seduction techniques any good if you don’t know the best places to meet women?
Nope. You simply need to know where to go to meet the type of woman you’re interested in. YOUR type of woman. And I’ve put a whole shitload of techniques for finding places AND for what to do there in one giant blog post on the best places to meet women. Check it out… and use the tactics described, okay?

4) Starting a conversation is one thing, another is to attract her with what you do and say
I’m willing to bet my own life on this statement, because it’s true. And although I already touched on the subject of what to say at the various places where you can meet women? I feel I must show you more about attraction. Some counter-intuitive stuff.

Enter my article on how do you get girls to like you: it doesn’t really contain seduction techniques, but various DON’TS of dating women. Things you should not do that you probably have been doing for a loooong time.

I’m willing to bet you that after checking out the anti seduction techniques described inside the article, you’ll have lots of questions…

Questions about attraction and what flirting really is. To get some answers, I suggest you check out my thoughts on (and techniques for) how to do flirting.

5) So you finally know what attraction is. Exciting, right? But now what?
Simply put: once you know how to make a woman interested in you, it’s time to cash in on it. To get something out of it: to get her number so you can call/text and ask her out on a date of course!

Gain access to an arsenal of seduction techniques for how to get a girls number now.

6) In come the seduction techniques for all the elements of calling and texting women
And rightfully so, because you need to know the right time to call or text, what to say and what not to, how to create attraction from a distance, and so on. So here’s a short list of blog posts that will help you out…

When to call women: learn why waiting is a bad idea
How to call a woman: 3 seduction techniques to use and attract women with when calling them
Flirtatious text messages: looking for the basics of texting women? Here they are pal!

7) Popping the question: how to ask a woman out
You approached her and she liked you and now you two are talking over the phone and having fun, but how do you make that next move? How do you get her on a date with you? To fully understand how to do it so there’s no room for mistakes, I highly recommend you check out my blog post on asking a woman out. Put simply, it contains all the seduction techniques you need about this particular area of dating women.

8 ) The first date: major time of crisis… or golden opportunity?
For most regular guys like you and me, the first date feels like a major crisis. I mean, so many freaking things can go so horribly wrong! Saying something wrong, doing something wrong, waiting too long (with a kiss for example), the possibility of her never even showing up, and the list goes on and on.

The best thing you can do in high pressure situations like these where it’s easy to be too nervous to do anything is to chop it up into little bits. To chop it up into small steps, look at seduction techniques for each step individually, and then combine the parts so you see the big picture of what first dates are all about.

First up: first date topics, also known as what to say on a first date. Check it out!

9) Now you know what to say on a first date with my seduction techniques, how about what to do? And where to go?

This is the grand finale of this (offline) section with seduction techniques for beginners, because I’ll attempt to teach you not how to have an awesome first date… but how to go on a first date that ends very well for you: one that ends with sex!

So, check out my thoughts on what to do on a first date right away if you want to know more…

It’s actually the beginning of my advanced seduction techniques, but more on that later because I feel the online world deserves some special attention here.

Seduction Techniques For Meeting Women Online

Why a separate section with seduction techniques for meeting women online you ask?

Simple: because all of the 9 steps you need to take to do it successfully are the same, except for the one about places. Because with online dating it’s (obviously) some place ONLINE and not offline.

And that means you need to find a place to meet women online, know what to say there, and know about profiles. But first things first: just know that everything remains the same, except the place. So attraction works in the same way, getting a phone number too, a date too, etc.

Now about those additional steps…

3.1) The best places to meet women I mentioned in step 3 were all offline, but how about online?
Since social networks are the most popular place to meet new people right now, I highly recommend you check out my social networks for dating review. Why? Because it points you in the right direction: where you should get a profile.

3.2) Okay, you’ve found a good site. What’s next?
Quite frankly, learning how to write a dating profile is.

Not only does it make it easier for you to get replies from women, but it also helps you understand what women look for in a man online. It makes you realize what they look at first, second, third, etc. useful stuff to know I would say!

3.3) Looking for some specific do’s and don’ts of the online dating game before following the rest of the 9 steps I gave you earlier on?

No problem, because that’s what my blog post with the A-Z of internet date tips is for. Check it out to get a good idea of the foundation of online dating which is, unfortunately, something most men will never understand…

One More Thing About These “Rookie” Seduction Techniques

I highly recommend you try out alllll the listed techniques until you can, without a shadow of a doubt, comfortable say you can pull off most of them of without much effort.

Then, it’s time to go to the seduction techniques page to check out the advanced techniques for meeting and dating women.

Until then, I hope you’ll learn as much as you can from these seduction techniques for beginners!

To More Dating Success,

Carlos Xuma
Win With Women

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